International Teaching & Global

ACEE is a proud provider of services for the
Johns Hopkins University
School of Education International Teaching and
Global Leadership Cohort
The ITGL application process begins with a screening phase, administered by ACEE Global. Applicants who complete the screening phase and meet the admissions criteria will be instructed by ACEE to submit an online application to the Master of Science in Education – International Teaching and Global Leadership cohort. Your application will not be reviewed by the ITGL Admissions Committee until you have successfully completed your screening session with ACEE Global.
The Screening Phase
  • ACEE Global will send you the invitation to schedule a screening meeting after reviewing the screening request you have submitted.
  • ACEE Global will send you the link for a 15-20 minute video screening meeting.
  • ACEE Global will notify you the screening result via email. If you pass the screening successfully, you will be invited to apply online.
All services listed here are exclusively provided to students who have selected ACEE Housing Services. Utility costs in Baltimore are some of the highest in the country. But with ACEE Housing Services, you don’t have to worry about utilities or furniture or transportation from the airport to your housing. It’s all taken care of. In fact, our Student Services Coordinator will act as your emergency contact to ensure someone is there for you should the need arise. ACEE Housing Services’ goal is to make your study abroad as carefree as possible!
Housing Services
  • Fully furnished apartments including:
    • Basic kitchen setup with cookware
    • Bed linens
    • Basic bathroom setup with towels
  • All utilities paid including:
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Water & Sewer
    • Trash
  • Air conditioning
  • High speed Internet
  • Private room with a desk
  • Roommates from the same program
  • Fitness center
  • Secure access building
  • Emergency contact
  • Transportation from the airport to housing
Career Coaching and Placement Services
With the ACEE extensive partner network around the United States, we are able to help you develop the professional skills that give you an opportunity to land an internship or employment after graduation. We provide a level of personalized service that goes beyond that offered by college campuses.
Career Path Plan At the beginning of the program, we will assess your employment skills. The results of this assessment will be used to develop an individualized Career Path Plan that will be used throughout your academic year and after graduation. Our mission is to make sure you meet the necessary milestones to achieve your career goals.
Business Round Tables We will meet with experts from various fields to discuss current news, educational policies, and industry practices. Participating in these business conversations will allow you to strengthen your business communications, hone your own career interests, and receive expert advice.
Workshops We will host workshops to ensure that different aspects of language, networking, and leadership skills are developed. This includes resume building ,LinkedIn profile creation/improvement, creating bios, speaking on specific business topics, learning to converse within the business environment, networking, and presentation skills.
Shadowing We provide opportunities for you to spend time with an education professional according to your career goals. Shadowing allows you to see and understand the nuances of a particular job. It is also one of the best ways for you to impress a prospective employer and get a job or internship after graduation.
Site Visits We will arrange visits to a variety of educational environments related to your career interests. You will have opportunities to gain comprehensive knowledge about educational technology businesses, public and private schools, and school districts.
Individual Career Counseling You will have plenty of opportunities to work on your resume and cover letters, interview and networking skills through individual career development counseling sessions.
Job / Internship Placement With a myriad of connections around the country, we will do our best to help you land an internship or job after graduation. We will work diligently to assist you in getting the experience you need to go along with your new Master's degree. With your maximum effort in following your Career Plan and our expertise, you will be positioned for success.
Support After Graduation Our connection with you doesn’t end the day you leave campus. You will continue to receive individualized support and coaching after graduation. Your long term success is important to ACEE.

some of our established partners include (but are not limited to):


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